Plaza Silicon Meetup #1 – High Impact Technology

WHEN: 09-NOV-2018  TIME: 19:15 WHERE: Electrica Co-Working

This weeks focus:
Each attendee will get 10 minutes to talk about a topic in technology/ startups/business that they think is changing the society.

You don’t need to prepare any presentations (You can if you want, we have a projector) Just have a topic in mind to talk about, and introduce yourself

Nothing formal. We are a non-serious easy going bunch

Spaces are limited

Please make sure you enter your email on


Please don’t be late.
Anyone late will do 20 pushups

Language: Spanglish (Spanish / English mix)
Technology and Startup Meeting

For anyone interested in Technology and Startups.

Non-profit technology Hub in A Coruña


Meet and introduce yourself
Start the talk
Feedback and conversation around talks
Go down the pub for a few drinks

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