Summary of Plaza Silicon Meeting #1 A Coruña

Summary of Plaza Silicon Meeting #1

I would like to thank everyone who managed to attend our first ever meetup. It was great!

We kicked off the meeting by introducing the members.

We started off by talking about the impact of technology on society.

We spoke about blockchain, the construction industry, the job sector, impacts of basic universal income for everyone around the world, and robot tax (Concept of robots paying tax)

All the attendees were asked to provide their input on the future of Plaza Silicon

The following are subjects and ideas proposed by the attendees:

  • Possibly changing meetup day to Thursday instead of Fridays
  • Have an agenda for each meetup and stick to it
  • Divide meetups into talks and discussions (So attendees can decide which part to attend)
  • Getting sponsorship for Plaza Silicon
  • Registering Plaza Silicon as a non-profit organisation
  • Networking sessions
  • Invite members of MANS Paideia foundation for talks
  • Invite Co-Working Spaces in A Coruña for collaboration
  • Start-up Pitch and feedback sessions. Voting for the best start-up of the month

The ultimate goal and aim of Plaza Silicon are to create a Start-up Friendly hub in A Coruna. Let’s make it happen.

If you have any feedback, please let us know.

Plaza Silicon – Silicon Valley of A Coruña, España

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